As a cardiologist taking this ACLS renewal course, I felt the instructor, Mr. Villanueva, was excellent in teaching the spectrum of medical and paramedical professionals. His instruction was clear, analytical and comprehensive. It was a pleasure to attend, and I would highly recommend his courses.

- Soteria Karahalios MD, FACC, FAHA

Emergency medicine is about as critically important as a subject can possibly get. When you work in a field where life is truly on the line, you owe it to yourself and your patients to seek out the highest quality of training you can find. In the military I taught EMT, PHTLS, and combat casualty management classes. I served on two combat tours as a Navy Hospital Corpsman with the 1st Marine Division and I can confidently say I wish I would have had access to the quality of instruction I experienced at Medics For Life. Tracy has a rare ability to break complicated and technical ideas down and infuse them into your brain. When he explains something, you understand it and the concepts just stick. Certification cards can be obtained in many places but certified does not necessarily mean qualified. If you know for a fact that you will be putting these skills to use to save someone's life, you should strongly consider getting into one of Tracy's classes. I just finished an ACLS course and I know where I will be going for all my future certification needs.Thanks Tracy. I'll be back!

- Chad Peabody, NS

Tracy is a natural teacher, wonderful dissemination of complex material with well-timed breaks. Information is relevant, current and can be immediately used at the medical workplace, very methodical and organized. With humor material can be synthesized, learning anxiety is reduced and retention of material is increased.

- Dasha Hill, RN

Great class, I would highly recommend this class to all comers, Prehospital/EMS, nurses and physicians.

- John Hage, M.D.

Tracy is very entertaining while teaching you exactly what you need to know!

- Julie Hage, RN

The ACLS renewal class taught by Medics For Life was one of the best I've ever taken in my career. It was a great review and the instructor Tracy Villanueva made the class fun and extremely informative.

- Brain Wiest, CHP Officer/Paramedic

This ACLS class was superior in every way. Mr. Villanueva is an excellent communicator and facilitator and presents the material in an interesting way. The best ACLS class I have ever taken!

- Richard Smallwood, PA-C

Tracy gives ACLS a new twist, it is a low stress learning environment and the material sticks. I highly recommend him for first time and for renewals.

- Dharma Naidu, Pharmacist

This was by far the best skills course I have taken. It was informative, the instructor was very knowledgeable, and it was enjoyable. I would recommend this class highly to others.

- Linda Crowley, RN

Tracy kept my attention the whole class, while being informative. I would definitely recommend this course to everybody and wouldn't take it anywhere else.

- Tiffany Aquilera, RN

This class was excellent. It was informative and interactive. Tracy is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend this class.

- Elaney Karabetsos, Paramedic

Tracy is without a doubt the best instructor I've ever had for any class ever taken in forty years of nursing.

- Linda Shuman, RN

Wonderful class! Learned so much and had fun while doing it. Tracy is a great and awesome teacher. Got way more out of itthan expected.

- Chelsea Schuh, RN

Tracy took the time to put ACLS in terms one can use in their profession.

- Steve Furtado, Firefighter/Paramedic

Great class, very informative. I always learn something new when I take a class from Tracy.

- Myles Routh, Paramedic

Love Tracy. Best, most informative and up to date instructor.

- Erin McLaughlin, Paramedic

Instructors are amazing. The style of teaching increases retention.

- Sandi Meyer, RN

Excellent! On a scale of 1-10, class is an 11.

- Melissa Shelton, RN

As a new nursing graduate, I was able to learn ACLS concepts in a very comprehensive and clear method.

- Emmanuel Maliwanag, RN, BSN

Mr. Villanueva has a great deal of experience and knowledge to appropriately convey the correct information to his learners. His mode of delivering the message meets the styles of all that enroll in the course.

- Mary Davis, RN, Nursing Instructor

Great class, great review, conducted in a timely manner

- Rick Cathey, Firefighter/Paramedic

I really enjoyed taking the ACLS course with Tracy. He is an amazing and energetic instructor. This is the second time I have taken the course with him and I come out feeling confident! I plan to continue taking my renewal courses with him and will definitely recommend him to others. He is chrismatic and genuinely cares for his students.

- Stacey Sanchez

Tracy was energetic, engaging, patient and ensured that the class was able to grasp difficult concepts with ease. I would highly recommend this course.

- Brooke Steven, RN

Tracy made this class enjoyable, fun, and relaxing. It was a low stress environment which made it easy to learn the concepts of ACLS. I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking ACLS certification!

- Trina Jaynes, RN

This course was well taught with complex ideas and concepts that were simplified to ensure efficient learning. Tracy's breakdown of the ACLS algorithms clarified instruction and technique. I look forward to my renewal class in two years and will highly recommend this course to colleagues in the nursing and medical fields.

- Jeneen Shuber, RN

Tracy is an amazing teacher. Breaks down complicated steps into easy to remember and understandable ideas, critical for recalling in times of duress. One of the best classes I've attended.

- Deborah Chun, RN

Tracy is a great instructor, very knowledgeable, and cuts to the chase offering his years of experience to simplify the material. I would highly recommend him.

- Austin Welch, Paramedic

I came into this class thinking it would be stressful and difficult. Instead, I came through the experience fully relaxed and confident about my roles, responsibilities, and expectations related to ACLS and team dynamics.

- Chris Baker, Paramedic

I strongly recommend this course and instructor to anyone, especially new grads. The instructor makes the courses fun and time flies. I enjoyed the course and will retake it no doubt.

- Candy Felix, RN

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in ACLS. The instructor makes learning fun.

- Amy Vega-Perreira, RN

Stress free, thoroughly relevant, clearly and amusingly taught. I'll never take ACLS or PALS with anyone else!

- Joni Hentges, RN

Tracy made class very enjoyable. He was very knowledgeable and knew all course materials very well. I will be using Tracy for all my future courses and recommend him to all my friends. Best class!

- Joey Foster, RN

Awesome class! I believe that everyone needs to practice and go over pediatric interventions on a regular basis. Tracy taught the material accurately and made the process fun.

- Renee Harvey, Paramedic

Tracy is probably the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of being around. His classes are fun but informative. You walk away knowing you have learned something and are better prepared to do your job and serve the community. His support staff is also excellent.

- Keith Emery, Fire Captain/Paramedic

The course was very positive and I appreciate the knowledge.

- A. Upton, RT

Tracy, thanks for dismantling fears associated with pediatric calls, your scenarios stick in peoples minds and lowers anxiety associated with those calls. I hope people realize how lucky they are to have your knowledge, experience and humor. Thanks

- Kevin Downey, Paramedic

I really enjoyed taking the ACLS course with Tracy. He made it really fun and has a great way of communicating so everything was way easier to understand! I would definitely recommend his course to others. Thanks.

- Erin J., RT.

This was a great class. Fun yet a learning experience. I would recommend it to anybody who fears taking ACLS. Great instructors too.

- Kelly Kaur, RN

Best ACLS class I have ever taken. Instructor was entertaining and made the class easy to understand and apply to real life scenarios.

- Alida Outman, RN, BSN

I was very impressed and satisfied with Tracy's teaching techniques and knowledge. I have a better understanding and feel more confident with ACLS. Hope to have future classes with him.

- Tina Cooks, RN

Excellent as usual Tracy!

- Eileen Bezouske, RN

Always a pleasure to take your class Tracy! You are an excellent teacher and able to make things easy to understand!

- Mary Root, RN

Best ACLS Course Ever!!

- Kim Hooks, RN

Fantastic Course! Tracy does a great job of teaching. Students come away with greater knowledge and better skills.

- Carin Piini, RN

All the classes Tracy does are amazing! ACLS and PALS were incredible!

- Brittney Furter, RN

Best PALS I've ever participated in! Real life scenarios, fun, and educational. Tracy keeps it real and his staff is very helpful and knowledgable!

- Suzy Cobb-Jarschke, RN

By far one of the best PALS class I've ever taken. Tracy took all the anxiety out of it and we had fun! See you in two years!

- Wendy Webb, RN


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