As a critic and active program director, I relish the opportunity to see other instructors at work. The 'Medics For Life' PHTLS course was an example of how a course is done right. With a great balance of literature, energy, practical teaching, humor...the course was dialed. A business built by an EMS legend true to it's motto-"patient advocacy through superior training" strong, strong work    guys-thanks.

- John Taussig, EMTP, Director, Back Country Medical Guides

 PHTLS from Medics for Life follwed two weeks of course instruction and study at Foothill College. THe PHTLS course brought everything together and I feel prepared to at least safely manage the trauma patient I will encounter in my clinicals and field intership. None of us are pros at this stage, but I now feel much more comfortable with trauma. The moulage and actors are high fidelity. Thank


- John Hauck, EMT-PI

Tracy's PHTLS course provided the most realism that I've ever had in any course... ever! His attention to detail and passsion for the subject combined with great make-up and acting by 'victims' made this class worth so much more than the price of admission.

- Andrew Lam, EMT-PI

Tracy has the ability to make learning tough material fun and easy. By far one of, if not the best instructor I have ever worked with in all subjects; ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS.

- Greg Peralta, EMT-PI

Tracy is a wonderful teacher in all of his courses. He is like the 'motivating football coach of EMS'. His PHTLS course especially was really fun!

- Michael Simbulan, EMT-PI

This was a phenomenal course! We had real life scenarios that made us use critical thinking skills beyond anything an paramedic could learn in the class!

- Steven Covey, EMT-PI

Tracy's PHTLS class is extremely practical, informative and relevant. The real life scenarios helped to put into context everything we were taught in class. An overall great experience!

- Mike Stiehr, EMT-PI

Very good PHTLS class. You can tell the instructors put in a lot of time and effort to provide the most meaningful/real life learning experience possible. Than you to Tracy and everyone else at Medics for Life!

- Veasna Moth, EMT-PI

The PHTLS course was INCREDIBLE. Very realistic, informative, and lots of fund along the way.

- Scott McLaughlin, EMT-PI

As usual Tracy puts on a very exciting class with a dynamic learning environment. The live patients with the pre-frabricated wounds and blood add a true sense of realism to the scenarios. You learn more than you can from any bood.

- Etim Hedman, EMT-PI

Tracy and family are wonderful! You can tell that they genuinely enjoy teaching PHTLS. The way Tracy teaches and the attention to detail taken by both he and his family make the Medics for Life PHTLS a fun way to learn. Also his daughter is super rad at trauma make-up.

- Eric Thurston, EMT-PI


- Tim Moyer

Tracy shows his years of dedication to EMS in every class he teaches. Tracy and Medics for Life makes PHTLS as vivid as it gets to the real thing. I was impressed.

- Trevor Mardin, EMT-PI

Best EMS Refresher I have been in. The course was enhanced by the fact that it was geared towards our job!

- Ryan Johnson, Firefighter

Tracy did an excellent job at covering what was pertinent to our position as wildland firefighters.

- David Dale, Firefighter

Really put an emphasis on skills that were most likely to be encountered as a firefighter for the Forest Service.

- Lee Hetzler, Firefighter

Awesome class, learned a lot. I feel confident doing first aid/CPR in the field.

- Derek Myers, Firefighter

Great class! A lot of fun and great refresher.

- Scott Robbins, Firefighter

Great class, very thorough, Instructor was very knowledgeble.

- Carl Brockett, Firefighter



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