Tracy has a unique combination of field experience and clinical knowledge that makes his presentation engaging, informative and practical. I would recommend this class to anyone directly involved in patient care.

- Eric Ulwelling, Paramedic

Tracy's 12 Lead class is so loaded with nuggets of information I thought I was in a gold mine.

- Dale Williams, Paramedic

Tracy showed a strong understanding of ECG/12 Lead. Tracy was able to break down information into a a digestible subject. This class taught me numerous things that I will use constantly in daily 12 Lead applications.

- Jeremy Pratt, Paramedic

Great class. I wish I had taken this class prior to using 12 lead on the ambulance. Great presentation, easy to understand, and lots of useful information! A must for all paramedics!

- Melodie Sumner, Paramedic

This was a great class, full of the latest information. The class offered a wide range of information to accommodate the novice and the well-seasoned paramedic.

- Rick Cathey, Paramedic

The 12 lead course helped me better understand "the little I understood from medic school." Great new info as well.

- Justin Reyes, Paramedic

Tracy is very informative and teaches with enthusiasm!

- Jeff Dacpano, Paramedic

Tracy's energy is awesome, very interesting and keeps your attention. Subject matter correlates well with the field.

- Matt Weed, Paramedic

Not just for paramedics, this course provided useful information for the motivated EMT who is interested in taking their knowledge of cardiac emergencies to the next level.

- Scott Fenton, EMT

Enjoyed the presentation of the course. Made the material very clear and understandable!

- Carolina Lopez-Romero

I really enjoyed this class. Tracy was able to explain the material in way that made it easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this course.

- Austin Mastronardi

The class was great and very informative. I feel so much more comfortable with the information and am looking forward to coming back for more courses!

- Stephanie Feirro

I have spent 2 years trying to understand heart blocks and now I feel like I do. Tracy is the best!

- Katie Mcghie, RN

Tracy always makes learning fun and unique!

- Kelsey Jeffries, RN, BSN



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