CPR/First Aid


I learned a lot mostly about the AED! I wish our work place had one! I feel much better now than before, if I have to do CPR on someone.

- Frankie Hearne

Great job. It actually was an attractive course to take. With the new and improved material, it allows us to be more informed and better trained to assist when needed.

- Carlos R. Victoria, King City Campus Security

Class was informative AND NOT BORING.

- Yolanda Perez

 Very nice program a lot of very good information was presented.

- Edward "Eddie" Estrada

I have taken many CRR/First Aid courses over the years. This was by far the most informative and entertaining. I hope Tracy will be back in two years for the next renewal class!

- Caren Hook

 This was a great class. I learned more than I have in past first aid classes. Our instructor made sure we had the skills. We had a fun time while learning.

- Ethlyn Sue Blackmon

Very helpful, reality based course. Instructor created a comfortable learning environment.

- Kay Paz

I thought Mr. Villanueva was a great instructor. His twenty plus years in healthcare has made him very knowledgeable and a great person to learn from. Sadly, he didn't make his life-long dream of becoming a comedian, but he is a very fun and funny teacher nonetheless. I would recommend this class with him to anyone who is interested in going into the healthcare field. He really makes it feel like you are having fun hanging out with friends instead of feeling like you are in class.

- Joe Valdez

I strongly urge you to take this class.

- Lorenzo Sagun

The class was very informational. The examples given were clear, to the point, and informative.

- Celeste Garcia

I am really glad I took this class because I learned way more than I expected and now I can help someone in the time of needed. Besides learning CPR on adults, children, and infants, I learned material that I will be using everyday whether I am in the nursing field or not.

- Griselda Garcia

I really enjoyed this course! I had never taken a course so detailed. I feel like I've learned vital life skills and feel more prepared should I ever encounter an emergency. I had taken a free CPR class before but this course goes above and beyond what I learned there. Thank you!

- Cassandra Martinez

The learning experience was fantastic! I was expecting a boring class, but instead entered into a fun and dynamic class being taught by Tracy. I never thought learning CPR could be so fun or easy.

- Aaron D. Dougal

This is a very good class to take if you care about people. Being helpful and knowing how to do it right makes me feel good. Tracy made this fun to learn.

- Michele Scheuermann

This was a very fun learning experience! I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in the medical field! Mr. Villanueva is very enthusiastic and makes this learning experience enjoyable!

- Kaila Pittard


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